Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today is Thursday!! And I got my haircut, it looks very short... but VERY cute!!!!
My grandma and grandpa came today and we are going to my lake house today. I LOVE the lake. I go water-skying and knee-boarding and tubing. But our tube broke so we have to wait for a few months until a new tube comes in.
One time when I was on our tube we hit a big wave and I got catapulted off and went FLYING way behind the tube. YIKES!!!!
I am SOOOOO tired today. I want to go into hibernation I am so tired. Speaking of hibernation, I am going on a vacation this year up near Wyoming. There will be bears and to keep them away we have to sing when we hike, WOW, that will be interesting. I'm not saying I'm a bad singer, it's just that when I am singing out loud for hours with other people... that will be a sight.
If you are having a big vacation I would love to know, I could look up the place and find good places to go and book for dinner. Were is your favorite place to visit? Mine is Florida... but I bet that will change. Well, I am going to play ping-pong with my sister... I love ping-pong!! It is fun and hilarious when people mess up.

I might watch a movie tonight called 'Wait until dark' it was an old horror movie, this will be my first first horror movie... but if I don't see it tonight I will see it later this week. I'm going to give you a movie review on it and see if you should see it. 'Wait until dark' is non-rated, but my little sister is seeing it and she isn't even ten, so it won't be too bad.

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