Monday, June 28, 2010

☼Summer Lovin' Had Me a BLAST!!☼

☼Well, yesterday was a special day, a day for celebration... it was my mom and dad's anniversary!! I love my mom and dad sooooo much! Also I skied and tubed AND knee-boarded yesterday... a day of fun!
Today I had an orthodontist appointment!!! AHHHH!!!! I got my braces tightened and got my colors changed to purple and pink!! But no one, besides my family and a few of my sister's friends, got to see my new braces today.
Goodbye friends! Are all of your friends at camp?Or on vacation? Well, are they? Because ALL of my friends are. I am stuck here in my small town with no friends to call, hang out with, or even wave to!!! Isn't that sad?

Have you ever had to clean your whole house? Because I just cleaned all of my downstairs area and WOW, it is boring!! I cleaned the refrigerator and rearranged it too. We had so much extra stuff in there, now it looks empty! When I look in the refrigerator and say there is nothing to eat... I mean it!

I think I should tell you this now, just so if there IS someone reading this they will be prepared... I won't be able to blog for about two or three weeks (later in July) because I am going on a long vacation to Wyoming and places like that. If you know any good places to go to please tell me, that would make me soooo happy if people commented!!! (not to sound desperate, but I kind of am).
Do you think these blogs are too short? Because if they are, TELL ME!!! I don't want you to be bored (are you?) because I am going to do more segments!! YEAH!!☼

♥Love, the Thing That Leaves You Speechless♥

Have you ever been in love? Have you thought about one person for days? Well, have you? If you have then you are in love. Now you may think, "I'm not in love with him/her," but after a few days you will change your mind. If you've been thinking of that person for days and still don't think you're in love with him/her then go talk to that person and then see how you feel about them. Pitter-Pat goes your heart, one beat misses as your love walks by. Don't be afraid of this love that seems to be following you, take a stand and catch that endless love. Well, go for it. Catch your true love, no need to ride off into the sunset, no need to stare up at the sky and wish upon a star that he/her will find you. Go and find that love, your love, the other half of your bursting heart.

~Your blogger! ☺

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