Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today, was well... COOL!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!! The world cup (USA vs. ALGERIA) was the BEST!!!!! The only person I could celebrate with was my dog, but I was still happy!
I spent Yesterday with my friend, we had soooo much fun. We even lived life on the edge. We did lots of missions and we even took a lock off of the door. Oh Shoot! I just remembered that we didn't put the lock back on the door, it is laying on her brothers desk!
I have Volleyball today, I'm hopping to move up to the older group though, I know all the stuff the older group does and I DEFINITELY know the stuff the younger group is learning.
Also if anyone is listening could you please comment because when my days are boring I was thinking if you give me some ideas I could talk about them on my blog... if you ARE going to comment.

*Good Ways To Study*
If you have a big test coming up you may want to listen to this. Or if you are bored and not focused when you study take my tips on how to make your study habits become fun and useful, you can study and have fun at the same time.
You can start by grabbing a bunch of toys/stuffed animals/ etc. Then set them down like students, you will be the teacher. Ask them questions on your topic you are learning. Answer the questions for them or say the correct answer. Then after asking about twenty questions make a test for them. You take/check their tests and then have the principle/mom/dad check your tests. There are a lot of other ways but this is just one of the best ways to study while having fun. Good for you or (if an adult) your kids... enjoy!

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  1. haha i remember that! BTW changed my name to patunia! BBYBYBYBYBYBYBYBYYBYBY!!!