Friday, June 18, 2010

My Second Blog...

Well, my day went fine. I took modeling pictures with my friends and sisters. I'll post them on here so you guys can see... if there is anyone to see them besides me and a few friends and family, but that doesn't count. If there is anyone out there please comment or follow... hello? People? Is there anyone out there? Anyone?
I went to the pool with Julia, my friend, and we started to "Live Life On the Edge". We swam under people's tubes and swam through the swim lanes. It was fun. Afterwards we went down to the beach volleyball court grabbed two sticks and made a routine by dancing and twirling the sticks in the air.
Because a lot of people aren't reading my blog (or you are and just not sending comments) I am going to start a new segment on my blog. Today it will be called "All The Little Things That Make Me Smile".

"All The Little Things That Make Me Smile."

If you have a good friend or love, then do a little something like this... say all the little things that make you smile.
When a puppy tilts it's head a warm feeling bubbles in my stomach, when a baby giggles, when you smile I smile. Everything is perfect when you are around. Although I only see you so perfect in my head you are still perfect in and out of my world. I can;t think about leaving you. Butterflies flying over the flowers fish swimming in and out of their little homes hidden in the rocks. Your face right in front of mine. My family, my life, You. When the sun rises over the mountains in the morning, the way the snow falls out from the winter sky. Hanging with my friends... how can I not smile at all the little things of life. Even when I cry I know that the sun will come back up and I will start a new day. All the little things that make me smile.