Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today is FATHER'S DAY!!!! Happy father's day to all of the father's out there! Treat your day with respect today and love him more than ever before. If you ever wished that you had new parents then you most be going CRAZY! Because if you had new parents you would never spend all those great times with your family! Sad...
Well, I have some very good blogs that you guys should check out... Define Design ( Puppy Laps ( and Life In Color ( These are all really good blogs. Define Design give you great tips on clothes and your appearance. Puppy Laps is a cute blog about a crazy dog, Lucy, an exciting and funny blog. Life in Color is about a girl's normal life, but it is great to follow. If you have any good blogs that you want ME to follow or look at please comment. I would love to see all of the great blogs people have made.

Today was great!!! Father's Day was great. We went to the YMCA and there was this guy that goes to my school so my sister and I were spying on him but every time we were spying on HIM this other guy would always think we spying on him. The guy got really scared so when we were leaving we saw him and I made a scary face and my sister waved crazily. It's fun spying on people, it's fun to Live Life On the Edge... LLOE.
There isn't much to talk about, everything is kind of a normal life. You guys have a normal life... so is this like reading your on blog about YOUR life? If it is, tell me so I can change it up a little. If you guys ARE out there reading this, could you PLEASE comment... because I'm kind of talking to myself then.

Well, goodbye for now!! Until tomorrow fellow listeners... until tomorrow.

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