Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nothing To Blog About But... Nothing!

Today, well, what does today mean? A new day to explore the world. A day to do more than you have ever done... a day to show who you are. Well, what about today? Today was not a day to explore or do more or even show who you are... today was nothing!
BAD: I lost my volleyball game. My team is too young for me! I am stuck with a group of girls that don't know how to play! They make us play with Volley-lights and if I want to play for the school team I will have to play with real volleyballs... it takes a while to get used to them. Some people on my team are good, but some aren't the best. But we lost.
GOOD: I had a nice babysitter, we went to the pool and made Shrinky Dinks. I also served about 17 points in my volleyball game and we won that game.

Today was just kind of... not worth blogging about. If anyone is reading this I just would like to say that this might be a short blog... sorry.

☻Best Friends☻
How do you meet a best friend? Do you meet them at the park? School? Sports? I met my best friend in Kindergarten. We were both really shy, so we decided that we would be great friends. We talked a lot and now we are the best friends ever! She was my first friend in this city, and I was hers. Her name is in "J". In first grade she introduced me to a girl, "B" who I always thought was a weirdo, we hung out and became best friends too. And then in 5th grade I went over to a really nice girl, "K" who was about to be taken over by a really mean girl, and started playing with her. we became best friends and then "J" met "K" and they became best friends and then "B" met "K" and they became best friends... and we all love each other still. Even through the hard times we will still love each other.

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  1. i love you too "R!" you've really made an impact on my life! i know that's cheesy, but you and J are who I now turn to when I'm sad or need someone. I love you so much and thanks for being there!