Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello? Are you Listening?

Well, not much to say, anyway is there anyone out there?? I feel like no one is reading this, like I'm the only one on the planet... am I?
Today i had to decide whether or not to go to volleyball or indoor soccer, I chose soccer. My volleyball team is full of little kids! The coaches of the teams said I needed to move up but there was no room. The travel coach said I could move up to the high school team... but I don't think I am. Anyway, soccer was fine the coach made me play the whole game... but I did get there a little late. We lost by 3 points, which stinks because some things were my fault. My coach put my in mid-field for part of the game but kept me in defense for the rest. I am TERRIBLE at mid-field, I can't believe he put me in there!!
Tonight we are going out to Isabella's for an early father's day dinner. I LOVE Isabella's!!!! It has the best food, i also love their Calamari! Speaking of calamari I have a funny story for you guys... if there IS a person listening. The Story: when i was little my family and i went to a Chinese restaurant, they had calamari there. I thought the calamari was onion rings so i got some on my plate and started eating them. I said that they tasted like chicken and I told my mom I wanted some more. We walked over to the counter and right before I put it on my plate my mom saw the sign that said "Calamari". She told me and I started freaking out. I loved animals when i was little (and i still do)so I stopped eating calamari, later at the restaurant i started craving calamari so i went over to the counter, got some more and I've loved it ever since... but when i saw green stuff come out of fried squid... well, that's another story.
I was just taking CRAZY pictures on my computer with my sister that I will post on here when I find out how. Any who, I will tell you how Isabella's goes when I get back.
Well, Isabella's was fine. It was kind of an early father's day dinner. I got a delicious BLT pasta which was probably one of the best pastas I've ever had. Delicious Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato.
Goodbye for now... see you soon.

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