Friday, June 25, 2010

Today was fun... kind of.
I went swimming and knee-boarding AND tubing!! Yes, I know, we found a tube!! It's a fun tube but our older one is the best. I wiped out soooo much. One time the tube came out from under me another time I was wet and slippery so I slipped right off the edge. And the funniest time was when I hit a HUGE wave and I went flying off the tube (at least ten feet in the air) and landed, KERPLACK, in the water. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! It was soooooo much fun.

When we were going out on our boat it stopped working! It started smelling all weird and then the motor got REALLY loud. I started freaking out and saying I wanted to jump off the boat but my dad started to say "You are over-reacting, just relax,". I can't help being a drama-queen... IT WAS SCARY!!! My dog was wearing the CUTEST life vest though. Okay, back on subject.One reason I was really scared was because once we got stuck in the middle of the lake and had to call 911. A boat came and we had to be toed home. YIKES!!!! That was sooo scary.

We are just about to watch the movie 'Wait until dark'. I am so scared. I have to go but I will tell you how it goes tomorrow. CHOW!!!

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