Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Place I Call Heaven

Well, I'm back from the most amazing trip ever!!! I've actually been back for a while, but I need to tell you everything!!!!
Glacier: glacier is probably one of the prettiest place ever! There are great hikes, scenery, and even drives (like "To the sun road"). You can even go swimming! Bighorn sheep cross the roads, mountain goats come and hike next to you, marmots play in the grass next to you... everything is perfect there. I even saw my first black bear!!! The best hike we did was hidden lake; you hike through sturdy snow (you could almost were a T-shirt, it gets pretty hot sometimes). You walk near little alpine tree's with ponds and families of mountain goats come right up to you. Then you come upon a beautiful lake with amazing blue water. You can stay and look over the lake or go right to the shore.

Yellowstone: Yellowstone is almost desert-like. The first thing we did when we got there is go into the boiling river. The boiling river is a river fed by hot springs. half of the river is hot half of it is cold. You see animals everywhere, on the roads and hiking. The best place to go see animals is Lamar Valley. Herds of buffalo walk right to your car and down in rivers and meadows.We also saw two black bears near the road and elk. The geysers there are beautiful, Old faithful is beautiful. It is actually in a place with hundreds of other geysers that go off too.

Grand Tetons: the grand Tetons are absolutely beautiful. snow covers the tops of all the mountains. Lakes surround the mountains (we went swimming). There are so many beautiful hikes there. We saw moose, one in a valley near the road and two or three near Jackson hole. I loved every part of it.

If you have any kids I defiantly recommend doing the junior ranger program. Go to a visitor center and ask them about it. You fill out a packet about the park and after you finish you get a badge. You go on scavenger hunts, do activities and much more.

If you have any question about my trip just ask/comment. Cabins, animals, hikes, anything? I know it all... maybe. Please consider this trip. It really opened up my eyes to the world and I realized what a beautiful world we live in.