Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Wonderful Things of the World
My family and I recently went to Florida. While I was there I saw lots of things I normally don't see here in my home town. Pelicans, fish, crabs, shells, and starfish were everywhere, even sea turtle nests! We went on a sailing trip and stopped at a sandbar. There were birds running around on the shore, conk shells buried into the sand... but my favorite thing there was the huge orange and yellow starfish. When I saw it my mind opened up to the world. I noticed that this starfish didn't just grow to be this amazing, something or someone was behind this... my answer was, Jesus/God. This world is full of such wonderful amazing things that our minds haven't opened up to. Florida is one of the prettiest and most amazing places on earth (to me) and I think it is a wonderful place to let your mind explore. My sister had one of the most exciting, life changing moments of her life there. On Easter morning she went out on our ocean view balcony and asked Jesus into her heart. I think that was just one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.
If you read this blog and think about the beautiful things on this earth your mind will change the way you look at things. How did we get here? When will everything be perfect? Am I ever going to understand? These questions can be answer from a book I like to call the Bible, but the true and exact answer to everything is...  Jesus!

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